So I hosted on a shared host and a VPS for my Docker playtime. Now I have moved to a dedicated server. My dedicated server is hosted through OVH as of writing this. I opted to make this move so […]

Docker, how I did it.

This is less of a guide and more of a retelling of how I did it. While I was trying to build the docker container I ran into several issues. I don’t really know how to use Docker very well. […]

Update: Docker

Recently I mentioned that I restarted my blog again. The purpose of my blog is to detail my journey as I go along. I am doing this for multiple reasons. Show that their are very real struggles that others face, […]

Card game

So I’m probably shooting myself in the foot. I am going to try to make a multiplayer card game BEFORE I do some of my other simpler games. I do not suggest this, but I am doing it because it’s […]


I have decided to use the Atlassian suite of apps for my application. I was hesitant due to certain policies that their country of origin have, but I figure I’m not dealing with anything that would be of a nature […]

Business Plan

While not necessarily Marketing, and maybe I will recategorize things as this blog grows, I recently took a course on Linked in Learning called the 45 Minute business plan. It was super useful to begin understanding how to run my […]

Programming in Unity

I’m taking a course on for my learning. I am going to begin with Unity3D for making games. The idea is namely Unity’s flexibility on exporting the games. I hope to be able to export games to all sorts […]

Not much of a blogger

I’m not much of a blogger but what I will say is I am very much into the technology of the world. This blog is an attempt to chronicle, in real time, my game developer journey. I am fully aware […]