Update: Docker

Recently I mentioned that I restarted my blog again. The purpose of my blog is to detail my journey as I go along. I am doing this for multiple reasons.

  1. Show that their are very real struggles that others face, so that the next person in line won’t feel like they are less than others because they struggle.
  2. Remind myself how far I’ve come on my journey.
  3. Show others my process so that I can either be an example of what to do or a warning of how to not go about things.

With that I give you my update. I have my Docker container running that holds my Flask app. At least in it’s early dev stages. This is going to be y first foray into using Flask and Docker. I will be writing a guide on how I got my Flask app up and online in a Docker container along with plenty of screenshots. The good news? You don’t need to be super proficient in Linux to get it running. You can do this on your Windows machine. It helps to know Linux but I will share what I did to get my site up and running.

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